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Most Popular Tourist Attractions of Alor Setar

Alor Star is the state capital of Kedah, and located on the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Although, the city is growing at rapid pace, but tourist mainly visit the city to enjoy the scenic view of paddy plantation across the outskirts of this city.

Here is a long list of tourist destinations that you must visit when you are in Alor Setar:

Wat Nikrodharam : it is the capital’s biggest, most prominent, and most architecturally impressive Buddhist temple complex, which is strategically located in downtown Alor Setar. It was Built in Thai temple architecture with gilded roofs and colorful mosaic walls, and it is a peaceful destination that caters to mainly Chinese and Thai Buddhist people.

Balai Seni Negeri (State Art Gallery): It was set up with the objective of cultivating interest and appreciation for art in the state. The collection of The Kedah State Art Gallery includes paintings, photographs, musical instruments and handicrafts. Temporary exhibitions are held at regular intervals.

Balai Nobat (Nobat Gallery) :This building accomodates the sacred instruments of the Royal orchestra, played only during royal ceremonies such as inaugurations, weddings and funerals. The instruments you will see here consist of three drums, a gong and a flute, peculiar to the haunting strains of “nobat” music.

Balai Besar (Royal Hall):it is located towards the back of the Kota Setar Palace complex is the Balai Besar. Earlier, it was a Balai Rong Seri or Balai Penghadapan (audience hall). It was built in 1735 by the 19th Sultan of Kedah, Sultan Muhammad Jiwa Zainal Adilin Muazzam Shah, and it was a beautiful building with wood pillars, roofs and flooring. Unfortunately, the building was badly damaged in 1770 when the Bugis armada attacked the place, and ruined everything. It was, however, refurbished in 1896 to prepare for the weddings of the reigning Sultan’s children. Besides weddings, the Balai Besar was also used for official ceremonies and other royal events.

Mahathir Birthplace: The fourth Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad, was born on 10 July, 1925 at the house near the ice factory at Kampung Seberang Perak.

Masjid Zahir (Zahir State Mosque):The Zahir Mosque spread over an area of approximately 124,412 square feet. Its center hall (Prayer Hall) measures 62 x 62 square feet and is surrounded by verandahs of 8 feet wide with 4 mezzanine areas, each of which has a dome. The main dome is located at the northeast of the mosque building. It is one of the grandest and oldest mosques in Malaysia.

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Why Pahang is an Ideal Tourist Destination?

Pahang is the third largest state in Malaysia, and occupies the huge Pahang river basin. The state is a heaven for traveler as the place is full of scenic natural beauty, plus it incorporates many tourist places enormously famous worldwide such as Cameron Highlands, Danum Valley, Kinabatangan river, Lake Kenyir, royal Belum state park, and more.

Following are the tourist attractions of Pahang that you must visit:

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands has been a big attraction due to its cool weather. In the evening, you will enjoy spectacular entertainment at the Genting International showroom, such as thrilling magic show, ice-skating and more. You will find indoor and outdoor theme parks and food feast where you can enjoy delicious food offered by many restaurants. The snow world is one of key attraction that features a log cabin, an igloo, toboggan slides and a snowy play area.

Genting Highlands

Tioman Island

Tioman Island is situated towards the coast of Pahang, and is claimed to be one of the best island getaways in the world. According to legend, the island is the final resting place of a mythical dragon princess. You will see here Gorgonian sea fans, staghorn corals, nudibranchs, and amazingly sculptured sea sponges. There are many villages scattered around the coastline such as Salang, Tekek, Genting, Paya and Juara. You will experience different atmosphere in each village.

Tioman Island

Taman Negara

Taman Negara is the first and the oldest protected area in the country, originally named as King George V National Park. People come this place to enjoy river cruises and jungle trekking. The canopy walk is the key attraction, offering a fantastic close up view of activity in the rainforest canopy observation hides to witness the breathtaking view of wildlife. Taman Negara is one of the oldest rainforests in the world, estimated 130 million years old.

Taman Negara

Cameron Highlands

In Cameron Highlands, you will find high mountains, also called as cloud forests or mossy forests. There are also large number of mosses, liverworts, ferns and fern allies as well as pitcher plants, and more. Strawberry farms of Cameron is also enormously famous, and worth a visit. Some farms allow you to pluck your own strawberry and charge you according to the weight.

Cameron Highlands

Kenong Rimba Park

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Kenong Rimba spreads over an area on 121 sq kilometers in the Kenong Valley. Within this park, there are some magnificent limestone caves. Each limestone cave is situated about half an hour trek from each other. The most alluring cave is the Gua Batu Tingggi, which looks like a dugout boat.

Kenong Rimba Park

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Things to Do in Batu Pahat

Batu Pahat is one of the largest urban areas of Malaysia, and has developed rapidly over past a few years. It is popularly known as ‘Northern Johor Shopping paradise’ as it accommodates many shopping malls and hypermarkets. Apart from shopping, there are many other things that you could do when you are in Batu Pahat from vacation, such as:

Local Attractions

The place is enormously famous for local delicacies, and textile industry. It was once titled as “Little Paris” of Malaysia, Batu Pahat was also famous for its ‘red-light town’ reputation during 1960 and 1970. Although, the town cleaned up due to immense efforts of the state government, and now, only one or two bars are left in the town. Some of the remarkable local attractions include The Batu Pahat town Square, which was renovated during 1990s on Centennial celebration. Right in the middle of square, you will see a floating hand chiseling a rock.


BP walk is another famous tourist place here, located at Jalan Rahmat. It is a famous place for town folks, and you could enjoy some local delicacies here from the number of stalls selling the food along the walk. It is a good place to have an evening walk. If you want to witness lush green scenery, visit Taik Y, which was an abandon tin mining lake in past, and now have become the green lung, located near Taman Soga.

If you’re on trip to Batu Pahat with your beloved, then spending a romantic evening at Lover Bridge would be a great idea. This bridge is famous for couples, and also a good place for fishing, located in Segenting. It is situated about 8km away from the town. Other famous tourist places are Pantai Minyak Beku, Batu Pahat mall, Square One shopping mall, the summit shopping mall, and Jusco mall and more.


Street Murals

Since two years, the trend of street murals have grown in the town by the effort of local authority. The officials are putting efforts to make Batu Pahat an artistic and cultural city. Some of the famous street murals include Minion Obstacle Posts, Sister & brother ride bicycle, anty picks herbal leaves, Go green MPBP, The Journey, reborn, BP creative bus stoep, The Tarik, and many more.


Local Food

You will find numerous Chinese restaurants in Jalan Pengkai and Jalan Shahbandar. Most popular local cuisine of Batu Pahat are dried Iysters, fish ball boodles, Bak chor mee, Wonton noodles, apam balik, ngo hiang, hakka mee, and pork satay.

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