Batu Pahat is one of the largest urban areas of Malaysia, and has developed rapidly over past a few years. It is popularly known as ‘Northern Johor Shopping paradise’ as it accommodates many shopping malls and hypermarkets. Apart from shopping, there are many other things that you could do when you are in Batu Pahat from vacation, such as:

Local Attractions

The place is enormously famous for local delicacies, and textile industry. It was once titled as “Little Paris” of Malaysia, Batu Pahat was also famous for its ‘red-light town’ reputation during 1960 and 1970. Although, the town cleaned up due to immense efforts of the state government, and now, only one or two bars are left in the town. Some of the remarkable local attractions include The Batu Pahat town Square, which was renovated during 1990s on Centennial celebration. Right in the middle of square, you will see a floating hand chiseling a rock.


BP walk is another famous tourist place here, located at Jalan Rahmat. It is a famous place for town folks, and you could enjoy some local delicacies here from the number of stalls selling the food along the walk. It is a good place to have an evening walk. If you want to witness lush green scenery, visit Taik Y, which was an abandon tin mining lake in past, and now have become the green lung, located near Taman Soga.

If you’re on trip to Batu Pahat with your beloved, then spending a romantic evening at Lover Bridge would be a great idea. This bridge is famous for couples, and also a good place for fishing, located in Segenting. It is situated about 8km away from the town. Other famous tourist places are Pantai Minyak Beku, Batu Pahat mall, Square One shopping mall, the summit shopping mall, and Jusco mall and more.


Street Murals

Since two years, the trend of street murals have grown in the town by the effort of local authority. The officials are putting efforts to make Batu Pahat an artistic and cultural city. Some of the famous street murals include Minion Obstacle Posts, Sister & brother ride bicycle, anty picks herbal leaves, Go green MPBP, The Journey, reborn, BP creative bus stoep, The Tarik, and many more.


Local Food

You will find numerous Chinese restaurants in Jalan Pengkai and Jalan Shahbandar. Most popular local cuisine of Batu Pahat are dried Iysters, fish ball boodles, Bak chor mee, Wonton noodles, apam balik, ngo hiang, hakka mee, and pork satay.

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